Thursday, October 21, 2004

Tarnation Reviews & Links

Links and Reviews are added to this list daily.

A - "Jonathan Caouette talks about Tarnation."
The Advocate - "Grave Humor."
Arizona Daily Wild Cat - "Tarnation: America's saddest home video."
The Austin Chronicle - "Tarnation sensation."
AZ - "Budget of movie is lowest of the low ."


BBC News - "Micro-budget film wows Cannes."
The Boston Herald - "Tarnation unravels a family's twisted ties."
The Boston Globe - "Tarnation: Examination of instability is a work of genius."
The Boston University Daily Free Press - "A Life lost in Tarnation."
Business Wire - "American Vantage's Wellspring Receives Two Gotham Award Nominations."

C - "Homemade Superstar."
Chicago Sun Times - Roger Ebert - "Tarnation." - "Tarnation."
Combustable Celluloid - "Couch Trip."


D+Kaz (Daniel Kasman) - "Tarnation."
The Daily Herald - "Filmmaker makes sense of a hard life in Tarnation."
The Daily Vanguard - "Reasons to celebrate: Tarnation."
The Dallas Voice - "Cinema's new wild child."
The Detroit Free Press - "Filmmaker pieces together his troubled past."
The Detroit News - "iMovie flick breaks through with depression, survival tale."


Ebertfest - "Tarnation."
Entertainment Weekly - "Tarnation."

F - "Tarnation."
Filmmaker Magazine - "I'll be your mirror."
Film Stew - "Tarnation."
Film Stew - "Caouette's So-Called Life."
Frontiers Magazine - "What In Tarnation?"

G - "An interview with Tarnation director Jonathan Caouette."
The Guardian - "$200 family film is a festival hit."


Hatfield Valley Advocate - "Mama, don't go -- Daddy, come home!"
Hollywood Bitchslap - "Tarnation."
The Hollywood Reporter - "Tarnation."
The Hot Button - "Tarnation." - "Boys' inner thoughts jump from journals to screens."
The Houston Chronicle - "Autobiographical film gets attention in the Big Apple."
The Houston Chronicle - "Painfully beautiful 'Tarnation' seals family bond."
The Houston Chronicle - "Jonathan Caouette opens his life for the world to view."
The Houston Chronicle - "Tarnation wins top prize at London Film Festival."
Houston Voice - "Gay filmmaker's 'diary' beats out Moore's '911'."


The Independent Film Channel - "Caouette breaks out with Tarnation."
Indie Wire - "Wellspring gets worldwide Tarnation rights; company puts up finishing funds as Caouette prepares for Cannes '04."
Indie Wire - "The Messiah of Bargain-Basement Filmmaking Arrives: Jonathan Caouette and Tarnation." - "Tarnation: A hypnotic and unnerving film."


The Jewish Journal - "Caouette's journey to hell and back."


LA Weekly - "Will sucess spoil filmmaker savant Jonathan Caouette?"
London Times - "Beyond the edge of a nervous breakdown."
London Times - "Tarnation."


The Mercury News - "Mom's mental illness captured in super-8."
The Mercury News - "Filming a fractured life." - "Haywire: Experimental Tarnation explores a filmmaker's troubled life."
Minneapolis City Pages - "Walk A Mile In My Headphones."
Minneapolis Star Tribune - "Tarnation is a a surreal memoir." (subscription may be required)
Mixed Reviews - "Tarnation."
Modesto Bee - "Form dominates substance in Tarnation."
Monterey County Herald - "Examination of instability, Tarnation is a work of genius."
Movie City News - "Sundance invoked m-word for Tarnation."
Movie Martyr - "Tarnation." | Landmark Theaters - "25 things that I love, by Jonathan Caouette."
MTV - "Tarnation: Powerful and unsparing."

N - "The days of lithium and iMovie."
New York Daily News - "Amazing home movies from hell."
New York Daily News - "Voyage of the damned."
New York Metro - "Tarnation."
New York Post - "Fantastic voyage."
The New York Post - "Candid Camera."
The New York Times - "The man who was raised by a movie camera."
New York Times - "Tracing a 20 year odyssey across hope and despair."
Newhouse News - "For Tarnation Filmmaker, Life Becomes Art."
News Day - "Tarnation: Using chopped logic in the recipe of life."
The Newark Star Ledger - "Shattered life forms compelling mosaic."
The Newark Star Ledger - "Lights! Computer! Action! It's A Movie!"
North - "An MTV baby points filmmaking in a new direction."
NPR audio review - "Difficult childhood on display in Tarnation."
NPR audio review - "David Edelstein Review: Tarnation."


Off Off Off Film - "Tar baby."
The Onion A.V. Club - "Tarnation."


Philadelphia Daily News - "Tarnation: self-exposed cut on iMovie."
Plume Noire - "Tarnation." - "Tarnation is a rough cinematic journey."


Riverfront Times - "Brave and Crazy ."
Rotten Tomatoes - "Tarnation."

S - "Mother of all home movies."
San Antonio Current - "Lost And Found."
San Francisco Bay Guardian - "I, Movie."
The San Francisco Chronicle - "When Mom is having shock treatments and you're 13, what do you do? Pick up a camera."
The San Francisco Examiner - "Mother, may I make a documentary?"
The Seattle Times - "Indie director's $218 movie gaining worldwide acclaim."
Seattle Weekly - "Small World: The Real Deal."
San Francisco Weekly - "Jonathan Caouette's tumultuous life story spills out over 90 minutes."
Silver Chips Online - "Tarnation breaks boundaries to create art."
Slant Magazine - "Tarnation."
Slate.MSN - "Confessional Cinema."
South Florida Sun Sentinel - "Tarnation: Tale dark, uplifting at same time."
St. Paul,MN Pioneer Press - "Messy home movies a tribute to the beauty of life." (subscription may be required)
South Florida Sun Sentinel - "From abuse and tragedy, filmmaker conjures uplifting magic on a computer."
Staten Island Advance - "Tarnation: A boy's life becomes art."
The Sun Herald - "Unique Tarnation a movie milestone."

T - A French Tarnation movie site (well done!) - "Tarnation." - "Tarnation: Life as he knew it."


Variety - "Tarnation." (must sign up to view)
Variety - "Tarnation takes it." (must sign up to view)
The Village Voice - "Family Viewing: Recycling home movies into wrenching autobiography."
The Village Voice - "Boy, Interrupted: A troubled artist's cinematic shock therapy."


Washington Blade - "My life as a camera."
Washington Post - "A Spliced-Together Life." (registration may be required) (additional link)
Washington Post - "Picking Up the Pieces Of a Troubled Family." (registration may be required)
Washington Times - "Tarnation takes self-pitty to extreme." (registration may be required)
Washington DC Metro Weekly - "Jonathan Caouette discusses Tarnation, his new documentary."
Windy City Media Group - "Tarnation: Filmmaker Jonathan Caouette."
Wired - "Here's the price of fame: $218.32."

List of more reviews and articles:
Google: News - Jonathan Caouette
Google: News - Tarnation
Online Film Critics Society


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I saw this reviews and I was wondering.
The critics from rotten tomatos are just aful.
There isn't a movie on planet they didn't talk bad about.
Nothing is good for them.

And you got from 29 critics....
26 excellent reviews and 3 bad ones.

That is good.

I think that Tarnation is briliant.
And I m not only one.

11:21 PM  

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