Thursday, November 04, 2004

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Blogger Jonathan Caouette said...

the Bloglet subscription has been down, and I'm not sure why.

it should be working again.

J. Junker

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw Tarnation.
Its nice to know that I am not alone with my family or my thoughts. It was another great connection for me. Tripping/family..We all have basically the same shit to deal with when we are awake. Sleepers, sleeping family, so sane I am insane family.
Thanks again. I now feel one one hundreth less insane than I did before. :)

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Caouette,
I really enjoyed Tarnation. I find myself still moved a day after seeing it. I'm a former film student turned composer -- mainly scoring small films. Your montage style storytelling and editing technique are beautiful. They're reminiscent of a concept I've been toying with over the years called cinematic opera. Though your story isn't an opera in the musical sense, it's music video style seems to hint at the possibility of a future convergence of cinema and contemporary/rock/electronic opera. I admire your courage in telling your difficult story. I look forward to seeing your future work.
Ben Erickson

8:51 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

hello, i just watched tarnation and was blown away, for two reasons. frist thats how a movie should be presented, the editing techniques were involving and mezmorizing, and movies should be shot in that format, it was ground breaking. second your movie spoke to me, though my life has not been as hard and troubling as yours has i have also felt closed in, and the ;ast scean about your mother, i have also felt that way, thank you for a great flim and you helped me think about some things in my life that i have not put effort into, thank you and i look foward to future projects

2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your movie was the most powerful thing I have seen in a long time (I'm 39). The photos were reminiscent of my Mom's and it brought me to tears, the totality of the message. It made me think of my own childhood (though I did not endure 1000th the hell that you did!) and how I feel about my own parents: just 2 people doing the best they could trying to raise the 8 of us on a mailman's salary, maybe operating with some bad advice from people they trusted. Thank you for sharing your world with us and I truly hope you have found your Peace.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Fabio said...

Dear Jonathan,

I am Fabio from Italy.
I am sorry for my English; I hope that you understand what I write.

I saw you film "Tarnation" and I was fascinated.

I, with a group of friend, have opened ( three years ago) a small cinema house in Mantova, for presenting film that are not visible in the main distribution.
You can visit our site (
I am sorry but it is in Italian, you can watch some pictures clicking on the left “Foto”

I’d like to present Tarnation in one of our exhibition.

Is it possible?
How much does it cost?
Do you have any Italian distributor?
We can think to Italian subtitles ( and later I can give you a copy of them)

We have already done something like this: we have presented a film not distributed in Italy: it was “Vision of Europe” ( )


7:00 AM  
Blogger gem&arocker said...

Oh my Christ, jonathan..I have never cried so hard in my life..My mother too..There are so many things I have to say to you..You are right about one thing if it weren't from the shock therapy, your mother would probably be in a better place..But as far as the abuse at the hands of your grandparents, well My mother does and says the same things..Lol on saturdays we'd have coffee and donuts ready for the police( they came like clockwork) They would come because my mother claimed that my poor grandfather was chaining us and beating us in a cellar we didnt have..Now his 8 kids and 30 odd grandkids just call and schedule our weekly beatings..Not to mention he puts staples in her chicken..Let me get to the point...Skitsophrenics ( i cant spell for my life please forgive) often lash out against the ones they were closest to before they snapped..I know how much you love your mother, I would die for mine..the other thing is, the form of mental illness your mother suffered was treatment induced, therfore I can confidently tell you there isnt a snowballs chance in hell that you will find yourself down the same path..It is perfectly normal for you to be scared..I can not tell you how watching you in the bathroom broke my heart..Funny we dont know eachother from adam, but I feel that you are the older brother i never had..You are my personal hero..The things you put out there is exactly what i have held under lock and key for so very long..I can not even begin to articulate what it is you have done for me..You have a friend for life..If you ever make your way out to New Hope pa dont be afraid to drop a girl a line..
much love,

12:35 PM  
Blogger gem&arocker said...

Lol by the way congrats..Dont mind me I have been sobbinng uncontrolably since i have seen your that the wine is doing most of the talking, I wish you olny the best in all you do..

12:55 PM  

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