Friday, November 12, 2004

John Cameron Mitchell Q&A in New York TONIGHT

Tarnation's Executive Director, John Cameron Mitchell will be doing a Q+A at New York's Film Forum - 8:20pm show, TONIGHT (11-12-04).

taken from the e-mail below:


This is a letter from Jonathan Caouette and Stephen Winter, the director and producer of TARNATION. You are receiving this email because YOU are a member of the TARNATION-NATION! You have posted to our “I-Saw-It,” message board, hung out with us at a film festival, or somehow seen TARNATION and exchanged information. Regardless, we love you, we thank you and we are asking for your help.

We have been delighted and humbled by the tremendous critical acclaim TARNATION has received (tons of “masterpiece” quotes and 4 star reviews!) and the movie has played to good crowds throughout the country in October and November, but now we are entering the Big Holiday Art Movie Saturation Point in the movie calendar and a whole slew of films with big-name stars etc are gonna come screeching into theaters. We do not want TARNATION to be lost in the shuffle.

If we can get excellent box office numbers in New York City and Los Angeles this upcoming weekend, then we are guaranteed to stay open through December! So we'd like YOU - the TARNATION-NATION to help us get folks into the theaters!!!!

Here's how to help. Please ask ten of your closest friends / relatives / tricks / drinking buddies / ex's / etc who live in Los Angeles and New York City with a personalized letter telling them how incredible, ground-breaking, thrilling, fabulous, and emotionally satisfying TARNATION is and asking them to go see TARNATION, and take a friend or ten!

And, if you happen to live in New York or Los Angeles, remember that the best way to get people to do something is to grant them the pleasure of your company! Organize a Brunch And Tarnation get-together for Saturday or Sunday afternoon! Then you can hang with your pals, spread the good word about TARNATION and get to see it again! For New Yorkers, Friday and Saturday night will also be a good time to see TARNATION for our dear friend and executive director John Cameron Mitchell will be doing a Q+A at the Film Forum's 8:20pm show.

So PLEASE, help us grow the TARNATION-NATION even wider! For more information to help you get your friends to the theaters…

The official TARNATION website

In Los Angeles TARNATION is playing at the Laemmle Sunset 5

In New York TARNATION is playing at the Film Forum

And our awards! In addition to Best Documentary from the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, TARNATION was recently given the Sutherland Best First Film Award from the International London Film Festival and the International Documentary Association (IDA) has given Jonathan their Emerging Filmmaker Award (a prize NOT given out every year). Just announced: the annual Gotham Awards of the Independent Film Marker has placed TARNATION on the list of nominees for Best Documentary, competing against Fahrenheit 9/11, among others.

So TARNATION rocks! And so do you! Thank you for reading all of this and thank you in advance for helping the cause. Please let us know if you'd like to not receive messages like this again. Heres to a great holiday season!


Stephen Winter & Jonathan Caouette


Blogger DREADNOUGHT said...

Still no word on an Australian release?

9:04 AM  
Blogger Jonathan Caouette said...

I have e-mailed the distribution company, and they are working on getting me some accurate data.

BELIEVE ME... I put everything I have up here when I get it! :)

Thanks for your patience.

J. Junker - blog admin

10:02 AM  

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