Saturday, November 13, 2004

Washinton Times, Post, Sun Sentinel & Business Wire articles

South Florida Sun Sentinel - "Tarnation: Tale dark, uplifting at same time."
Washington Post - "Picking Up the Pieces Of a Troubled Family." (registration may be required)
Washington Times - "Tarnation takes self-pitty to extreme." (registration may be required)
Business Wire - "American Vantage's Wellspring Receives Two Gotham Award Nominations."

See the Tarnation Reviews & Links post for a complete list of articles about Jonathan & Tarnation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went to the DC opening on Friday night with several friends. My friends and I are still processing/discussing/debating. Personally, I thought the film was phenomenal, and I eagerly look forward to Reintarnation (or whatever you end up creating next...). Thanks so much for coming to DC and giving this stultifying and mindnumbingly uncreative city something to talk about. Best of luck.

3:27 PM  

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