Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Modesto Bee & Fairfield County Weekly articles

Modesto Bee - "Filmmaker deals with demons in Tarnation."
Fairfield County Weekly - "Man With a Movie Camera."

See the Tarnation Reviews & Links post for a complete list of articles about Jonathan & Tarnation.


Blogger Kurt said...

I just saw this documentary in Des Moines. As a child welfare social worker and one who is involved in the lives of families, seeing this movie has made me think deeply about the work I do and the approaches we take when working with families. It reinforces the importance of family. Also made me think harder about the costs and consequences of diagnosing people with "disorders".

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you inspired me to pick up an old video camera and get started with what i have always wanted to do. it was the first time i had ever walked out of a theatre in awe. i look forward to your next piece and if i may inquire, do you have any other work i could view?
be well,

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello, tarnation came to milwaukee,Wi. but i was unable to see it. and i am dying to see this movie. i was wondering if you were going to put it out on home video. or re-releaseing it anywhere in wisconsin. tarnation seems to have effected so many peoples lives. i would love to expierence this. i live to see things like this in cinema.

please email me
my email is

12:07 AM  
Blogger Javanese Beauty said...

Hey Jonathan, I saw this movie with my boyfriend Fred at the Singapore International Film Festival just a few hours ago! Boy was I so glad to have picked this film over another gay-interest film from Hong Kong called When Beachamn Met Owen. In fact, he has already booked the tix for that HK film but when I read a good preview on your film, I told myself I must watch it and booked two tix for us. And when we realised that these two films actually clash in timing, we had to decide and I'm sure our choice was emotionally uplifting in the end!I could relate with your film at many levels not the least my sexuality, abuse and emotional trauma living with difficult mother whom I love and cherish. It was a difficult childhood in the sense that my mom has been having manic depression and it caused the whole family (seven of us) plus my dad hell! And of course, your pain is umcomparable! Athough yours is not specifically gay per se, the fact that you included your boyfriends and gay persona in a very positive albeit chaotic and colurful manner is most welcomed by the gay section in the audience. I've never cried tears in a documentary until I watched yours. I hope you will lead a creative and meaningful life. You have a great talent, waste it not! We will look forward to your next ouvre. Send our regards to your mom and I pray that you guys will stay sane in this insane world! If we ever get to NY, we will definitely invite you guys to coffee at Starbucks!

1:45 PM  
Blogger april023 said...

Wow, Modesto Bee, how surreal is that.. I was just searching for Tarnation and Modesto Bee shows up. Well I grew up in Modesto, CA but now I reside in San Francisco. My husband and I watched Tarnation and were totally connected with it. It was our childhood exactly. It made us feel sad and good all at the same time. We showed it to our 16 year old neice and she totally identified with it. Straight, gay, bi, now, the past, it doesnt matter, this isnt a film about being gay or straight, the present or the past, but growing up in a fucked up place with an awake mind and sleepers surrounding you. We can all identify with it. It the most awesome film I have seen in a long time...Thank you Jonathan!

2:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw the movie last month and was blown away. It was powerful and amazing.
You are so very strong to have gone through such a thing!


3:25 AM  
Blogger Dioniso said...

Desde argentina mis saludos y felicitacion a Jonathan por semjante obra de arte.
El origen de la tragedia griega vuelve al cine...

1:07 AM  

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